We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you. The categories and types of projects that we can render expertise and services include, but are not limited to, the following:


| houses & homes | zero-lot houses | water & golf frontage homes | smart & sustainable homes | modular homes | conversion of old buildings into residential accommodation | backyard home offices & flats | soho small office home office | swimming pools & water features

Multi-Residential & Mixed-Use

| duplexes | townhouses | apartments | dual-key units | relocatable home parks | affordable housing developments | mixed-use developments |

Seniors Living & Retirement

| over 50s & over 55s lifestyle resorts | seniors living communities | independent living retirement villages |


| office buildings | shopping centres & specialist retail | restaurants & cafes | bank branches | medical surgeries | fit outs | building & corporate signage | refurbishments | facade rejuvenation | regeneration, renewal & gentrification |


| hotels, motels & inns | international hotels & resorts | health spas & retreats | taverns & bars | gaming rooms |


| heritage conservation & restorations | gentrification of existing buildings within heritage zones |

These may range from low- to high-rise buildings.



(a) Architectural Services

architects services

We offer and can provide the traditional scope of architectural service, through all stages of a project. In other words, taking a project from conceptual design, through contract documentation, to construction and the building’s commissioning.

The stages of a typical project are as follows:

The Project Stages

  • Schematic or Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Planning Approval
  • Contract Documentation
  • Building Approval
  • Tender Documents and Calling of Tenders
  • Contract Administration

While a complete service – through all stages – will go furthest in ensuring the best outcome, we can tailor our services to suit the client’s specific needs and budget. As much as we would like to service our clients fully, we understand that financial and commercial considerations will always be a factor.


We utilise industry-standard CAD, BIM and 3D illustration software. Initial design drawings are typically generated by hand and then progressively transposed into digital format. Where provided, 3D illustrations will depend on the agreed scope of service but, typically, will be adequate to convey our design ideas to you. 3D architectural visualisation – i.e. near-realistic illustration or animation – is a separate service which is not included in our standard scope of architectural service.


(b) Interior Design & Procurement

Dining Room Interior Design

Complementing our architectural services, we offer interior design of internal spaces and environments; and in addition to this, we offer fixtures, fittings and furniture design. Procurement services enhance and round out our interior service. Furthermore we are experienced in exporting/importing Australian- and New Zealand-made products to overseas destinations.


(c) Contract Documentation / Drafting Services

Construction Working Drawing - Floor Plan

Our staff have long experience, in-depth knowledge and methodology in contract documentation; and especially, in construction working drawings. This experience includes all sizes and complexity of buildings and developments. Most of all though, in custom houses, medium-rise residential, and large developments like hotels and high-rise apartment towers. If you are an architectural firm wishing to outsource documentation, due to for instance an in-house resource issue, we may be able to assist.


(d) Pre-Designed / Existing Residential – Review & Opinion

Timber Hut

First of all, we can work on a ‘call out’ basis for homeowners wishing an on-site review of their existing home and discussion on potential home improvements and extensions. This is a service where we can review designs (from other sources) and hence provide recommendations and suggestions for improvements. Secondly, and in a similar vein, clients with existing designs can consult us for our professional opinion; a ‘second opinion’ so to speak. We treat these as one-off, ‘informal’ consultation sessions and therefore clients are not obligated to proceed any further with us. This is an easy and effective way, for instance, to gain initial ideas for your home, yet you will have time thereafter to ponder your options at leisure. A nominal hourly-rate is applicable for this service. However, should you decide to engage us beyond that point, the fee paid is applied as a credit to your account.


(e) Architectural Visualisation & Digital Media

3D model and rendering of apartment living room - Interior Design

In addition to our scope of architectural services, we also provide architectural visualisation and a range of digital media services. We can design and produce solutions to meet your digital needs. Especially relevant is our scope of expertise including 3D (three-dimensional) modelling and rendering, 3D animation, video and imagery; in other words, digital presentations. Furthermore we offer services in website design, web content, screen and print media design, music and sound-effects, and motion graphics and visual effects. Our division for creative digital media is inGruv.


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