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DStudio Architecture is a firm of registered architects and creative building designers based in South-East Queensland, Australia. Established in 2000, its core staff have a collective industry and project experience exceeding six decades. Experienced in a wide range of architectural and building project categories and types, our past work include residential, commercial, hospitality, leisure, seniors living and retirement, mixed-use, conservation, and regeneration or renewal projects. We cater for and are experienced in small, medium or large projects within Australia and in countries overseas like Fiji.

We offer professional services in architecture, master-planning and interior design, and are able to coordinate structure, building services and specialist fit outs in the projects we undertake. In addition, we provide various affiliated services including project feasibility studies, contract drafting, landscape design, architectural visualisation, graphics design and product procurement. Yet another area of expertise is in digital media, provided by our own digital design agency inGruv. Clients can engage us for their digital media needs in, for example, producing visualisations, videos and websites for promoting their developments.

DStudio prides itself in having a long track record of successful projects.

We commit ourselves to providing quality client service and holistic design solutions with timely delivery. Clients can engage us knowing that they will receive the utmost in respect and courtesy. Coupled with that, a professional and competent level of work which is second to none. Mostly, clients entrust us with their projects and that fact will never be lost on us.



Creative Partnership | Client & Architect

You, our clients, are creative partners in the projects we do; at least that is the way we see it. Hence we involve our clients continuously in the design process. As a result, both designer and client can take pride and ownership of, and fulfillment from, the end result. Naturally our clients can be as proactive as they wish to be in the process.

Our overarching goals and culture are to derive unique, well-considered creations that reflect our clients’ personalities and specific needs. And furthermore, to enhance their visual, spatial and environmental experience. To this end, we apply equal measures of Form and Function, and optimise functionality and usability without compromising on design integrity. Consequently, we create buildings that are: not just designed but designed well.

Many architects have ‘signature’ styles forged by their architectural ‘identities’ – we do too – and this is fine provided the client wishes to take this direction. However we will not impose a preordained architectural style upon a client just for our own gratification. Our architects are flexible, broadly talented and able to generate creative designs, with a service, tailored to suit. Therefore our clients can have what they truly desire in their homes or buildings – whether traditional or trendy; vernacular or niche; sophisticated or expressive.

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pro bono

Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations can reach out to us for assistance. Depending on the cause, we can provide our expertise and services on a pro bono or reduced fee basis. Happy to discuss your needs.



Get in Touch, Let's Meet

We welcome all opportunities to discuss your project and ideas with you, regardless of how simple, complex or radical they may seem. Every idea is a challenge for us to stretch our minds and use up some brain cells – a situation we like.

So why not get in touch with us? We’d love to hear from you…


Note: This practice is not associated with Sydney-based Dstudio Architects Pty Ltd, www.d-studio.com.au

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